Making Fertilizers Environment-Friendly

We are an agricultural technology research company designing and producing a range of specialty fertilizers based on "Smart" Fertilizers technology.

Smart Fertilizers are water insoluble materials that will release nutrients only "0n-demand" by the crop. So the fertilizers will not be lost by leaching or fixation and will remain in the soil for plant uptake as and when the plant needs it.

We license the technology for Smart Micronutrients and Smart Phosphates to fertilizer manufacturers around the world. Smart Micronutrients and Smart Phosphates can be produced in a range of standard or customized formulations to suit different crop, soils and agro-climatic conditions. We also have a technology for Smart Coating of DAP that will greatly enhance the efficiency of phosphates.

We serve regional & global markets

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Imagine a world where environmentally safe fertilizers drive up yields without polluting your ground water... 

AGTEC Innovations makes this possible with cutting-edge technology that formulates fertilizers to mimic the natural form of nutrients in the soil with unique designer molecules

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