Smart Phosphates are environment-friendly phosphate fertilizers. They are water insoluble with "smart-release" properties. Phosphate is released only when the plant needs it - nutrient release is activated by root organic acids. 

Smart Phosphate will not runoff and pollute waters. It is a smart solution to problems of water eutrophication due to phosphate runoffs. 


  • Non-polluting
  • Effective at 50% P dosages compared to conventional phosphates
  • High nutrient efficiency
  • Significant increases in crop yields compared to conventional water soluble phosphates.
  • High cost-benefit ratios

Key Features:

  • A water insoluble
  • Contains calcium in addition to phosphorus. both Ca & P in available form
  • Increases crop yields 1/2 of normal dosages
  • Suitable for any soil, crop (cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc.) or agro-climatic condition
  • Contain nutrients in plant available form
  • Suitable for combination with urea.
  • Nutrient release is biological (by root organic acids)