Smart Micronutrients is a family of novel, environment-friendly slow release micronutrient fertilizers. SmartMicronutrientst’s unique designer-molecules- mimic the natural form of micronutrients in soils and the plant-root activated release of nutrients that allows for sustained nutrient availability

Current micronutrient technologies are primarily water soluble compounds which have inherent limitations. Unlike these, SmartMicronutrients products are water-insoluble, but designed for high-availability in the unique environment of different plant root vicinities. The products are based on patented and award-winning research.

Smart Micronutrients include Smart Zinc, Smart boron, Smart Manganese, Smart Iron, Smart Copper, Smart Molybdenum as well as Smart Multimicronutrients of any combination


  • The fertilizers will not pollute ground water.
  • Solves the problem where nutrient release and crop requirements may not match.
  • Nutrient release is biological (by root organic acids), therefore plants can solubilise and take up the nutrients whenever they require.
  • Significant increases in crop yields observed.
  • High cost-benefit ratios
  • Storehouse of continuous nutrient source throughout the crop growth period.

Key Features:

  • A water insoluble, non-polluting, cost effective alternative to current fertilizers
  • Has been shown to increase crop yields by 10-30% with dosages that are 1/10th to 1/4th of normal dosages
  • Suitable for any soil, crop (cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc.) or agro-climatic condition
  • Water insoluble but contain nutrients in plant available form
  • Good physical properties - Powdery, free flowing, non-hygroscopic crystalline
  • Good chemical properties – High citrate and DTPA solubility
  • Contains 100% plant food
  • Nutrient release is biological (by root organic acids), therefore plants can solubilise and take up the nutrients.

Uniqueness - The nutrients are in a polymeric matrix that mimic the natural form of available micronutrients in soils. They can be extracted by root exudates. Nutrient availability is not limited by hydrolysis, diffusion or pH.