Smart Micronutrients is a family of novel, environment-friendly slow release micronutrient fertilizers. SmartMicronutrientst’s unique designer-molecules- mimic the natural form of micronutrients in soils and the plant-root activated release of nutrients that allows for sustained nutrient availability

Current micronutrient technologies are primarily water soluble compounds which have inherent limitations. Unlike these, SmartMicronutrients products are water-insoluble, but designed for high-availability in the unique environment of different plant root vicinities. The products are based on patented and award-winning research.

Smart Micronutrients include Smart Zinc, Smart boron, Smart Manganese, Smart Iron, Smart Copper, Smart Molybdenum as well as Smart Multimicronutrients of any combination


  • The fertilizers will not pollute ground water.
  • Perfect match between nutrient release crop requirements. 
  • Nutrient release is biological (by root organic acids), therefore plants can solubilise and take up the nutrients whenever they require.
  • Significant increases in crop yields observed.
  • High cost-benefit ratios.
  • Storehouse of continuous nutrient source throughout the crop growth period.

Key Features:

  • A water insoluble, non-polluting, cost effective alternative to current fertilizers
  • Has been shown to increase crop yields by 10-30% with dosages that are 1/10th to 1/4th of normal dosages
  • Suitable for any soil, crop (cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc.) or agro-climatic condition
  • Water insoluble but contain nutrients in plant available form
  • Good physical properties - Powdery, free flowing, non-hygroscopic crystalline
  • Good chemical properties – High citrate and DTPA solubility
  • Contains 100% plant food
  • Nutrient release is biological (by root organic acids), therefore plants can solubilise and take up the nutrients.

Uniqueness - The nutrients are in a polymeric matrix that mimic the natural form of available micronutrients in soils. They can be extracted by root exudates. Nutrient availability is not limited by hydrolysis, diffusion or pH.

Can be used as a coating on urea, dAP, MAP, etc., to produce phosphates carrying any or all micronutrients. Will phosphate not react with other NPK fertilizers.